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PennFuture and FracTracker Alliance created a unique GIS map that enables the public to investigate how shale gas development is changing the face of our public lands. Here is a sample of the map, but a full-screen version is available.

August 2015: Sign the petition to Gov. Wolf to protect the Clarence Moore Lands from drilling.

Read the July 2015 press release and letter.

Hidden in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania lies the Loyalsock State Forest, a land of verdant woodlands, crystalline streams, breath-taking vistas — a respite for people and wildlife. It is wilderness under siege.

Deep below the tranquility are reserves of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. Some of the forest has already been leased for shale gas extraction using the controversial process known as hydraulic fracturing. A particularly fragile area, the 25,000-acre Clarence Moore Tract — home to cascading Rock Run and the beloved Old Loggers Path (one of Pennsylvania’s finest backpacking trails) — is threatened by large-scale gas development.

Imagine clearcuts, impoundments, bright lights, big noise. Envision compressor stations, gaping pipelines, traffic jams, spills, leaks, accidents, and dirty emissions. Get the picture? Drilling has no business here. Take a stand for your public lands!

November 2015: The Coalition thanked the Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory Council (CNRAC) of DCNR in a press release for its letter regarding the protection of the Clarence Moore Lands.

October 2015: NOW is the public's chance to weigh in on how the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is managing our state forests. DCNR has released the public meeting schedule, underway through Nov. 18, for the public to comment on the Draft State Forest Resource Management Plan, last revised in 2007. Please add your voice and consider using these talking points about why PA forests — including the Clarence Moore Lands — matter.

A Better Path Forward

Join us on Sunday, October 2, 2016 for a very special event in the Loyalsock State Forest.

We have organized two educational hikes on the Old Logger’s Path as part of our ongoing campaign to defend the Loyalsock State Forest. These hikes are perfect for both beginner and intermediate hikers!

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants, space will be limited for this memorable event. Please RSVP at the following link if you’re able to join us on the Better Path Forward!

Help us preserve the natural resources and beauty of Pennsylvania. Take action and spread the word!

Loyalsock Story Map:

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This visual tool further illustrates what's at stake in the Clarence Moore Lands of the Loyalsock State Forest. FracTracker has developed a Loyalsock Story Map, created through a fusion of mapping technology and in-the-field work.

Thank you to FracTracker for sharing this.
Not in the Interest of the Commonwealth:

Anadarko’s Record of Environmental Violations in Pennsylvania and its Implications for the Loyalsock State Forest

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Anadarko’s Record of Environmental Violations in Pennsylvania and its Implications for the Loyalsock State Forest
This report, prepared by the Environmental Integrity Project, analyzes Anadarko’s violations reported in Pennsylvania. It reveals the surprising statistic that one in every three violations is related to a discharge to waters of the Commonwealth. This raises serious concerns about Anadarko’s plans for natural gas development in an area of the Loyalsock State Forest containing pristine waters and ecologically sensitive landscapes.
Anadarko Proposed Loyalsock State Forest Development Plan

Anadarko Development Plan

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In February, 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) denied a Right to Know Law request seeking Anadarko Petroleum Corporation's oil and gas development plans for the Loyalsock State Forest. PennFuture appealed the denial, and after several rounds of argument and mediation, the Office of Open Records on September 13 ordered the DCNR to disclose the development plans, while allowing the DCNR to redact details identified by Anadarko as confidential proprietary information. On October 15, the DCNR produced a redacted document that contains ----------- information on how Anadarko's ------------------ will seriously impact ------------------- of the Loyalsock State Forest.
Proposed Drilling Plans

map from area fracking

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The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has the ability to deny access to drilling in 18,870 acres of the Clarence Moore lands through a unique legal provision in the deed. DCNR seems unwilling to exercise this provision and has instead been in negotiations with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, one of the area’s mineral rights holders. Current information indicates 26 well pads and accompanying infrastructure are planned for this area. Despite citizen outcry, little public involvement has been included in this process so far.
The Importance of Preserving the Clarence Moore Lands

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Crystal clear streams and outstanding hiking trails make the Clarence Moore lands a popular recreation destination. One of the few large public land areas in north-central Pennsylvania not open to gas development, the land’s pristine streams, wetlands, and relatively unfragmented forests provide vital habitat for sensitive plant and animal communities. Surrounded by increasing natural gas development on both public and private lands, the ecological, recreational, and current economic value of the Clarence Moore lands demand its preservation for future generations.

Don't Frack Our State Parks or Forests photo campaign:

Don't frack our state parks or forests!

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