The Sic Bo Board And How To Play It

The board may look complex, but the rules are very simple. The dealer throws 3 dice in a small cage and then the players bet on the outcome of the dice – for example any single number, the sum of the 3 dice, and a certain combination of numbers or two certain numbers. Each bet has a different payout depending on its probability, and you can place as many wagers as you like – they are almost similar to roulette.

The total sic bo bets

The easiest bet you can make on the Sic Bo board is the sum of three dice. This ranges from four to seventeen. The payouts for these bets depend on the probability of each individual point scored. These are then clearly displayed on the betting sites. For example, a total of four pays roughly sixty to one, while a total of ten or eleven pays six to one.

Small and large Sicbo

You can bet that the sum of the 3 dice will be small or large. The payout for both the small and large wins is one to one, which means it is an even bet, like the black / red in roulette, making the small and large bets the foundation of our lower risk. A key point is that if a triple appears, big and small both lose. This now explains why a total of three and eighteen are not included in these bets. The triple rule works the same way in roulette at zero, meaning the 50/50 bets are less than an even chance and the edge of the casino house is preferred.


Combination bet is a bet that is played on any two numbers displayed between the three dice. For example, you can bet on a combination of four and six, which will win if the 3 dice rolled show a combination of 6, 4 and 3. The payout of a multiple bet is six to one.


Single bet simply means that a bet with a specific number will appear on one of the 3 dice rolled. The payout for the single bet depends on how many copies of your chosen number appear on the 3 dice. If your number changes on a single die, the payout is one to one. If it appears on 2 dice the payout is two to one, and if it appears on all three dice it should be twelve to one. This payout, as good as it looks, is very different from the triple bet, which pays one in eighty for a winning triple. These different options in Sic Bo make it so fascinating.


The double bet is a bet that shows two specific numbers under the three dice. For example, after a double bet is thrown, you want it to display numbers like 2, 3 and 2. You can bet on any number in the double bet between 1 and 6. The payout is ten to one. Unlike the triple bet, there is no option to bet on a double. A player must bet on a specific doubles, although you can bet on as many doubles as you wish, combined with any other number of other bets.


In this bet, all 3 dice should show a certain number. A player should bet on a specific triple from one to six. The payout is three times thirty-to-one for each player, but the payout for a particular player chosen specifically for the triple chosen is an impressive eighty-to-one. This makes it the highest payout on the Sic Bo board. It’s an incredible return when it comes up to a bet for the high rollers.

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